Meet Monica Mayotte

As a Boca Raton resident for over two decades, Monica Mayotte understands what’s best for our city. Since she moved here, Monica has been our best advocate, taking the lead on issues from environmental sustainability to overdevelopment. Her commitment to our residents and passion for our city is exactly what we need in City Council Seat D.

Even before she served in elected office, Monica worked hard to make a difference for Boca Raton. Through her work as chairperson of the city’s Green Living Advisory Board, she tirelessly pursued reforms that would ensure a sustainable future for Boca Raton’s families and local economy. And as PTA President at Addison Mizner Elementary School, she made sure that students and families in our community had the support they needed.

Monica understands that what our families, workers, and local businesses need most is for local government to listen to their voices. That’s why she’s spent her time on the City Council advocating for environmental reform, responsible development, and government transparency. In the past two years, she's hired Boca Raton's first sustainability manager, improved energy efficiency in city buildings, and worked to reduce our city's carbon footprint through the use of innovative technologies. She’s made sure that city development is aligned with our core values, and she’s kept our local government transparent and accountable to Boca Raton residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Monica has been an effective, compassionate leader for Boca Raton. She knows that what’s best for our families is best for our community, and she’s committed to building a bright future for all of Boca Raton.